FAQs - Big Red Outdoors

1. How often can I use the land?

2. Can I take guests?

FAQs to Answer Your Questions

3. How can I be sure that I am the only hunter on the land?

4. Does the club’s reservation system work like a time share?

5. Is there seniority or are there preferred members in the club?

Still Have Questions?

6. Can someone reserve a hot property now, for the peak seasons before I join?

7. Will other members be on the same property or section that I reserve?

8. How many days can I reserve the same farm for deer gun season?

9. How will I know if there is any game on a particular farm?

Still Answering Your Questions…

10. What if there is an emergency while I am hunting?

11. I read that there will be 100-200 acres per member, am I restricted to that 100-200 acres?

12. Will I see the land owner?

13. Can I advertise and sell my membership if I no longer want it?

Getting Close to the End

14. Can club rules be changed after I join?

15. Do I qualify for a membership in Big Red Outdoors?

16. Is the land in Quality Deer Management?