Cass County Nebraska Leases

Cass County - 1

Cass County Bordering Platte River State Park

Cass County with 80 acres of outstanding deer and turkey habitat.  Th property borders Platte River State Park on the south.  Not only crop ground but good timber along the park and east sides of property.  In addition, there is a creek and dam on the property.

Cass County - 2

Crop & Timber

160 acres of outstanding deer and turkey habitat.  Not only crop ground but 40 acres of timber including creek and dam.  Not to mention this property is surrounded by ground that is managed for deer hunting with food plots, feeders, etc.

Cass County - 3

Timber, Grass & Crops

160 acres of excellent deer and turkey habitat.  Crop ground with some excellent grass waterways and pasture.  Not to mention the timber and this property borders one of our other properties.