Knox County Nebraska Leases


Knox County - 1

Knox County Age Restricted

Knox County with 1790 continuous acres.  In addition, it has a trailer house for lodging.  The machine shed can also be used to park your pick up or ATV while there and store tree stands.  It also has a room built into it with a deep freeze and refrigerator for hanging out after the hunt.  Next to these are two, three sided shelters where you can hang your deer and store a portable blind.  Excellent whitetail deer and turkey hunting.  The property has a 4.5 year old age restriction on buck harvest.  This property also has several ponds for your fishing enjoyment!

Knox County - 2

Knox County Pasture & CRP


746 acres of outstanding deer and turkey habitat.  Holds whitetail and mule deer!  There are also 3 ponds for fishing.  Part of this property has been planted to CRP so there should be some good upland.


Knox County - 3

Knox County Deer, Turkey & Fishing

460 acres of outstanding deer and turkey habitat. There are also 3 ponds for fishing.  This is close to our large lease which has lodging.

Knox County - 4

106 acres of crop ground with some good timber.  This is near the Devil’s Nest area and deer are everywhere!