Lodging Accommodations

Buffalo County Lodging -

The landowner for the Buffalo County property has a one room cabin that members can rent during hunting season.  It sits right on the property and has electric, running water, WiFi, kitchen (no stove) and living area with TV & DVD.  It has beds for 3 people but could hold more on the floor or bring your cot.  Cost is $75 per night.

Lodging - Buffalo County (1)

Lodging - Buffalo County (2)

Lodging - Buffalo County (3)

Lodging - Buffalo County (4)


Cass County Lodging -

The Sunset Vista Farm Guesthouse is owned by one of our landowners.  It is less than 1/4 mile from two of the properties.  It is a historic 1885 farmhouse located near Weeping Water.  Not only is it a comfortable 2 bedroom, one bath farmhouse but it can accommodate 4-6 people.  Not to mention a full kitchen and cable TV/DVD/Movies.  Make reservations by calling the owner.  Landowner charges for renting.  Visit their Facebook page.

Lodging - Sunset Vista 1

Lodging - Sunset Vista 2

Lodging - Sunset Vista 3

Lodging - Sunset Vista Business Card

Garfield County Lodging -

The bunkhouse is inside the larger cabin pictured.  The door to the bunkhouse is on the left side of the cabin.  Bunk bed built in.  Additionally, an extra cot is provided.  Water may be available with an outhouse outside.  If the landowner is using his cabin they may allow members to use their indoor port a potty and shower.  In addition there is a griddle for cooking.

Lodging - Garfield 1

Lodging - Garfield 2

Lodging - Garfield 3

Knox County Lodging -

The trailer house sleeps 8 easily.  Plenty of room if you want to bring a cot or sleep on the recliner.  Full kitchen with heat and 2 bathrooms.  Rear bedroom has 3 bunk beds.  Front bedroom has 1 bunk bed..  No additional cost to use the lodging.

Lodging - Knox County 1

Lodging - Knox County 2Lodging - Knox County 3