Lease Your Land

Lease Your Land - Knox County

Want to lease your land out?  Never leased your land before and now are considering it?  Maybe you leased your land in the past and realized the experience wasn’t what you expected?

Many land owners would like to lease their land.  Of course they want to have confidence that the decision they are making is going to be of great value to them.

We know the great disconnect that has been taking place between the landowner and the hunter.  Big Red Outdoors is fortunate that we understand this big problem and have big solutions for it.

The land owner desires that those who lease their land be respectful, honest, and responsible.  On the whole, the landowner wants to be taken care of.

Specific Rules That Protect the Landowner & Land

Our club honors the land owner.  As a matter of fact we have very specific rules and regulations that our members abide by.   Not to mention with our online reservation system we control which member will be there and when.  We believe in quality game management, therefore, the game continues to be abundant year after year.  Utilizing the land in a positive fashion is the priority of the land owner and the priority of Big Red Outdoors.

Big Red Outdoors leases quality land for all kinds of game, fishing ponds, and private property for camping.  Some land owners will only lease out their land to us for deer hunting members and others will only lease their fishing ponds to our members who enjoy a nice quiet fishing adventure.  Whatever type of property you lease to us you can rest assured you will be taken care of in all matters.


Why should I lease to Big Red Outdoors?

I would like Big Red Outdoors to evaluate my land.