Shed Antlers – Five Unique Uses

Shed Antlers - Unique Uses

Shed Antlers - Unique Uses

Shed antlers are exciting to find, but once you’ve found them, what can you do with them? The answer is: a lot. From collecting and crafting, to decorating and eating, the uses for discarded bones are endless. Even if your wife doesn’t approve of such primitive things in the house, all is not lost for a good shed hunter.


There is just something about shed antlers. The way they look and what they mean to the hunter invokes those that find them to want to hold on to them. Keeping shed antlers is a physical record of a particular hunting area, or even a particular animal. There is something valuable about being able to put actual tape on antlers from an area you hunt. There is even more value in being able to track a deer’s growth from year to year. This data aside, the excitement of a find makes some sheds too precious to do anything with besides watch collect dust.

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